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Some of our larger collections represent major areas of local, national and international interest. They illustrate some of our Métis, missionary, military and agricultural history. New collections will be added as we continue to enhance the portal.

Featured Collection:  Callihoo

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An enamelled in blue and white metal pot that dates to the 1930s. The pot has a piece of metal on upper part of pot indicates that a handle was attached.
A grey speckled enamelled cup with sides slightly rounded, a rolled rim and, a side handle.
bottle, drinking
A clear glass, eight ounce nursing or baby bottle with one side has graduated ounce scale in relief, the other has a nursery rhyme with a shoe and six figures. On the bottom of the bottle are possible manufacturer's marks also in relief.
bottle, drinking
A small-sized whisky bottle. The bottle is made from a brown coloured glass. It has a neck with a rim below the top.
1974.02.05 a,b
bottle, toilet
A small glass bottle and stopper made in Japan. The bottle (a) is diamond-cut and curved in front with a plain back. The bottle is formed with two sides at 45 degree angles, with a narrow neck and extended rim. There is also a light pink coloured glass stopper (b) in a triangular shape, diamond-cut and tapers to a point at top and narrows at the bottom.
bottle, drinking
A green coloured glass milk bottle, square shaped, then slopes inward to form a round neck. The four corners are flattened, creating an arch shape on four sides.
Container, Snuff
A heavy earthenware vase-shaped snuff jar made by Weymans. The jar has a grey coloured glaze and the sides curve in to form a narrow neck. The sides of the neck are straight and slant outward. There is a rim in the neck, which probably held a cork. This jar has a seam around indicating it was made in two parts.
product, shaving
A white porcelain china shaving mug made by Meairns in Stoke-on-Trent, England. The mug has a green floral motif, fluted silhouette and scalloped edge.
1974.02.09 a,b
feeder, animal
A clear glass, flat-shaped animal feeder bottle. The bottle is flattened and slanted on one side with raised neck and in has a is a cornucopia encircle in a relief. The bottle comes with a clear screw-off stopper.
A cast iron hand made candleholder, possibly a miner's candlestick. Cylindrical shaped body, rounded at top, on which is a spike. The middle part is formed with three wedge-shaped sections cut out of it.
1974.02.11 a-f
tack, animal
A set of plastic horse harness rings including a) red colour; b) blue colour; c) to f) dark beige colour.
An orange-coloured clay ball marble, with green mottling and a deep pitted surface.

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